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Life is a Dream

A special adaptation of Pedro Calderon de la Barca Life is a Dream for SUNY Purchase College production in 2021. 

After studying classical text with BADA and Globe Theatre in London. This script was adapted to an hour and a half version, accommodating the pronouns of casting and actor preferences while maintaining the plot, poetry and score of Calderon's original piece.




Pa'riba Pa'bajo

Pa'riba Pa'bajo

This original short play premiered at Microtheatre Miami and was adapted and presented with a new cast as a workshop play at Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2019.

​An oblivious and heartbroken character hits rock bottom. She learns that understanding, empathy, friendship and alcohol go beyond language. 


Premiered at Microtheatre Miami and has been translated into English and Spanish.

The love of two people is tested as they embark on a new chapter and struggle to understand one another.

The Jersey Devil and El Chupacabra

Become Friends

This story originated in the Anansi Story Festival by Rethink Theatrical. It is being reimagined as a stand alone short piece for children.

The year is 1735 in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and Mama Leeds just gave birth to her thirteenth child who turns out to be the cursed Jersey Devil! But despite what you’ve heard, this creature started his life kind, scared, and looking for a home in this world. See what happens when our unusual hero gets a visit from el Chupacabra, who helps him find his way back to his family.

Coming Soon

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