“Writing is freedom. It removes social constructs to give way to our most raw self, the “unknown”. This freedom gives my writing spontaneity, possibility and humor.”

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A welcomed challenge after studying classical text with BADA and Globe Theatre in London. Edited down text to keep the poetry and plot but under two hours. Accommodated casting by making roles fit actors gender identity. 


A special adaptation of Pedro Calderon de la Barca Life is a Dream for SUNY Purchase College. 

Pa'riba Pa'bajo

Pa'riba Pa'bajo

This original short play has gone through many faces. Born in a classroom evolved as a workshopped play at Williamstown in 2019.

An oblivious character hits rock bottom. At the lowest point of her life she learns of a world full of understanding, empathy, friendship and alcohol. 


Another short-play, this one was born out of fear. I wanted to explore what it meant to have the happiest day in a place I fear. This play was also translated in Spanish and produced at Microtheatre Miami.

A traditional person has the most iconic come-to-self moment in the most unlikely of places. Can they get the person they love most to understand? 


The Jersey Devil and El Chupacabra become friends

The year is 1735 in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and Mama Leeds just gave birth to her thirteenth child who turns out to be the cursed Jersey Devil! But despite what you’ve heard, this creature started his life kind, scared, and looking for a home in this world. See what happens when our unusual hero gets a visit from el Chupacabra, who helps him find his way back to his family. 


This story originated in the Anansi Story Festival by Rethink Theatrical.