I have a hard time starting a conversation about me so let's begin with where I'm at...

I am concluding my MFA from Rutgers University which is a huge accomplishment. Having a graduate degree for me doesn't just mean I did it, it also gives me a sense of responsibility and determination. I am the first person in my family to hold a graduate degree and that feels like the beginning of something great for myself and my loved ones. I could not have accomplished this milestone without the support and sacrifice of my tribe and I am eager to continue to prove to them that I am worth the investment, patience and trust. 

I was born in Puerto Rico, I love going back home to see friends and family and to reconnect with the island that lives within me that roots me in who I am. At twelve my family moved to Colorado and it was rather a short stay but it felt a bit like stepping into Narnia. It was my first time being in an airplane, experiencing snow; I thought it was magical that mountains could be so green and be covered with snow on top like a topping on an ice cream swirl. Our most permanent journey took us to Miami, Florida, which was the most home away from home we felt. Miami for me is the bridge between Latin America and the U.S. Everyone speaks Spanish, Latin culture is dominant, if you want to eat food from almost any major country you can find it, people are vibrant, expressive, flawed, adapting, persevering, stubborn, hustling and living their best lives everywhere you go. I love Miami for that, and I love that it instilled so much fearlessness in me. 

My husband and I moved to New Jersey as newlyweds for Rutgers. Stepping outside our community for the first time has been a growing experience Suddenly being who and what I am is a "thing." I lived in my own community my whole life so I never had to defend what everyone around me was. It wasn't until recently that I became sensitive to a lot of social issues that I was absolutely blind to. It hasn't frightened me as much as it's cemented me in standing up for what I believe in and who I am.


The word I've heard the most in the last three years to describe me is intimidating but I rather describe myself as formidable. My intention is not to frighten anyone but I will not apologize for being myself. I am enough, I am vulnerable, I am present, I am willing and I will not shy away from my existence to appease anyone, I will make mistakes in my search for authenticity, I try to be understanding, I search for knowledge and look forward to growth. 

The most recent and overwhelming love in my life is my dog Odin. I had never had the responsibility of a pet that fully depends on me before and I am embracing it like the proud dog mom I am. 

Thank you for your interest in me and my work.

I look forward to our collaboration.