Bilingual: Spanish
Height 5'8"
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Motherfucker with the Hat

*Sonia Se Fue                    

The Winters Tale

The Motherline Project


The Rehearsal

Dead End

One Minute Play Festival

*Los Libres Cautiverios de Ricardo y Leonisa   

Water by the Spoonful

*El Experimento

Pa’riba Pa’bajo               



Rock 'N' Roll                

Some Girl(s)

Twelve Angry Women

House of Bernarda Alba

The Plebians Rehearse the Uprising

Veronica, Lead

Jenny/Pilar, Supporting Lead

Hermione, Lead


3, Ensemble

The Physician, Supporting Lead

Kay, Supporting Lead

Various Roles

Colaborador 2, Lead

Odessa, Supporting Lead

Reportera, Supporting

Ashley, Lead

Lady Macduff, Supporting

Second Witch, Supporting Lead

Gillian, Supporting

Lindsey, Supporting

Juror #11, Supporting

Magdalena, Supporting

Actor, Ensemble 

Tatyana-Marie Carlo & Kaitlyn Toledo,Rutgers

Armando Rivera & Carla Miraval, Teatro Chelsea

Nicole Charles, Shakespeare's Globe 

Eliza Simpson, Rutgers

John P. Keller, CoLab Arts

Christopher Cartmill, Rutgers

Colette Robert, Rutgers

Amy Coker, Deering Estate at Cutler

Silvia de Esteban, Mdc Auditorium

Robert Coppel, Main Street Players

Frank Quintana, Micro Theater Miami

Tatyana-Marie Carlo, Miro Theater Miami

James Randolph, Louise O. Gerrits

Challie Stovall, MTC

James Randolph, Louise O. Gerrits

Emilia Hernandez, New World Studio

Tatyana-Marie Carlo, New World Studio

Vivi Rubi, New World Studio

Andy Noble, New World Studio


*Bajo el Mismo Cielo

*La Fan

Server (Speaking)

Patient 2 (Speaking)





Scene Analysis

Career Transition

Richard Crawford

William Carden

Pat McCorkle


M.F.A. Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers University)

B.F.A in Theater: New World School of the Arts (University of Florida)

American Theatre Wing: SpringboardNYC

British American Drama Academy: Midsummer in Oxford

Special Skills

Dialects in Spanish: Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, Neutral

Dialects in English: RP, MRP

Athletics: Flexible, ColorGuard (Rifle, Flag & Saber), Stage Combat: fencing & hand combat, Basic Snowboarding.

Passport, Driver’s License NJ: Automatic driving

*Denotes a Spanish Speaking Role